The Laboratory of Environmental Fuels and Hydrocarbons (LEFH) in collaboration with the Laboratory of Analysis and Characterization of Solids is able to carry out collaborative or contract research on applied catalysis based on the following key competencies derived from the following knowledge base:

  • Analytical methods for physical and chemical analysis of gaseous and liquid organic mixtures (GC, GC/MS, PIONA, S speciation in gasoline).
  • Analysis and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts.
  • Operation and data analysis from bench and pilot scale batch and continuous fixed and fluid bed reactor system.

Based on the above core competencies unique technology has been developed (LEFH is used by BP, HAR, OMV, Akzo/Nobel among others for outsourcing key research and technology services) in the following main areas:

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst evaluation studies
  • FCC additives evaluation studies
  • Hydrogen Desulfurization (HDS) catalyst evaluation studies
Services Provided 2000-2004


FCC Catalyst Evaluation Hellenic Petroleum
Fuel quality control SME’s
Refining Catalyst Testing Programme BP
Relating to Catalytic Cracking of the Future European Companies
FCC Catalyst Evaluation European Companies
HDS Catalyst Evaluation European Catalyst Company
Naphtha Testing European Catalyst Company
Pilot Plant testing of four fresh FCC Catalysts European Refinery
Protocol development for bench scale evaluation of FCC catalysts for iron tolerance European Catalyst Company
Pilot Plant Testing of FCC Catalysts South East Asia Companies
Catalyst Testing Program European Catalyst Company
Refining Catalyst Testing Program BP Products North America Inc
Testing of hydrotreating catalysts European Catalyst Company
Evaluation of catalyst relating to Hydrocracking processes BP
Conduct of Pilot Plant trials in Greece European Catalyst Company