The Institute for Solid Fuels Technology and Applications (ISFTA) was established in 1987. Since March 2012, ISFTA merged with CPERI and created the new Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), within the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). Since its establishment, ISFTA sector has participated in numerous competitive European and National Research Projects, providing high-level technical expertise and qualified research personnel.

ISFTA sector is the main Greek entity for the promotion of research and technological development aiming at the improved and integrated exploitation of solid fuels. Following the technological advancement in Energy and the Environment, ISFTA sector has broadened its field of research, which indicatively includes: the development of environmental technologies for the reduction of CO2 emissions in Industry, the utilization of green alternative fuels – mainly biofuels, the optimization of production procedures, energy saving and storage, circular economy, industrial symbiosis and the development of smart networks in autonomous energy systems, as depicted bellow:


ISFTA is specialized in the following thematic areas:

  1. New technologies for the production of environmentally friendly fuels
  2. Technological options for near-zero emissions operation in heavy industries
  3. Technologies, networks and applications related to biomass or biofuels in general
  4. Modelling and optimization of advanced energy systems for: the production of renewable electricity, cooling /heating, flexible operation of Power Plants and energy saving in buildings
  5. Optimization of autonomous energy systems with energy storage technologies and integration of smart network technologies
  6. Numerical models development and integration in commercial or open source CFD codes for energy systems simulations
  7. Development of Circular Economy applications with Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) calculation tools
  8. Physico-chemical analyses of fuels and materials and gas emissions measurements in Energy and Transport sectors

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