The Laboratory of Inorganic Materials (LIM) of the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI) has been established in the middle of 2001.
LIM is located at the A! Sector of the buildings of the Technological Park of Thessaloniki and its facilities occupy a total area of about 250 square meters.
The short history of the laboratory is being compensated by the large scientific experience of its researchers in topics of applied scientific research towards the development of technological innovations, very often, with economic success.
As indicated in the first page LIM positions itself at the interface between materials science, synthesis process engineering and application design aiming towards an integrated and multidisciplinary approach which is believed to be the most promising way to innovative industrial developments.
LIM is focusing its research and development activities mainly on ceramic materials and in the areas of:
  • functional ceramics (electronic and telecommunication ceramic materials, catalysts)
  • structural ceramics (defined micro- and nano-porous structures such as inorganic membranes)

Besides the synthesis and experiment oriented activities LIM considers important for it’s capabilities and is developing ‘horizontal’ activity concerning theoretical simulations of amorphous or polycrystalline microstructures aiming towards a better understanding of the various physicochemical (transport) processes taking place inside the microstructure and an a-priori behavior prediction.


The Institute’s Laboratory of Inorganic Materials has successfully completed the technology transfer and industrialization activities of research results concerning the development materials for electromagnetic energy adsorption. Though the new laboratory’s spin-off Fields the following tile series are today available building materials for electromagnetic protection.

FerroxTile L for adsorption from low frequency sources usually present in the electricity transmission and distribution network (i.e. high voltage transmission lines, power stations etc.)
FerroxTile H for adsorption from high frequency sources usually present in the mobile telecommunication network.
FerroxTile G for specialty applications at extremely high frequencies up to 90 GHz.
-In addition Fields offers an electromagnetic measurement service for electric and magnetic field intensity evaluations upon request at indicated places.


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Doctoral Dissertations & Diploma Thesis

The Doctoral dissertations and the Diploma Thesis that was entitled from the Laboratory to postgraduate scientists.

For more information please contact…

Prof V. T. Zaspalis
P.O. Box 60361
57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki, Hellas
Tel: (+30) 2310 498114
Fax: (+30) 2310 498131

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