Practical Pathways to Innovation Procurement

As part of CERTH’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and driving sustainable development, it is a great pleasure to invite you to our forthcoming workshop titled

“How to procure innovation – Practical Pathways to Innovation Procurement and Market Dialogue“,

scheduled to take place on the 5th and 6th of March, 2024, at the COLORS Urban Hotel in Thessaloniki.

The workshop aims to bring together key stakeholders to explore the opportunities, challenges, and best practices associated with the procurement of innovative goods, services, and works in the public sector.

It will provide explanations of Public Procurement of Innovation, the benefits it brings, implementation rules and steps as well as lessons learned from the P5 INNOBROKER project and beyond.

We kindly ask you to save these dates and confirm your in person attendance by completing the registration form:

Enclosed, please find the event agenda.

For further information, please contact Mr. Ketikidis Chrysovalantis at

MINOAN – Smart Sustainable
Energy Conversion and Management

GREEN – Geo-Resources, Energy
& Environmental Management

GrEnEA – Green Energy
& Environmental Applications

LIM – Laboratory
of Inorganic Materials

ARTEMIS – Advanced Renewable
Technologies for Energy & Materials
Integrated Systems

NRRE – Natural Resources
& Renewable Energies

PSDI – Laboratory of Process
Systems Design and Implementation

LPRE – Laboratory of Polymer
Reaction Engineering

NICE – Novel materIals
for Clean Energy Applications

LEFH – Laboratory of Environmental
Fuels/Biofuels and Hydrocarbons

HydPro – Hydroprocessing

BCPL – Biological Computation
& Process Laboratory

LEET – Laboratory of Environmental & Energy Transition technologies
(GrEnEA, Green & Minoan Groups)