Novel materials for Clean Energy Applications

NICENovel materials for Clean Energy Applications


Novel materIals for Clean Energy Applications (NICE) in CPERI/CERTH is a catalytic materials research group conducting basic and applied research in the area of novel/improved materials for various clean energy applications including both fossil fuels utilization and alternative energy carriers.

Research focus

Research efforts in NICE group focuses on designing/optimizing catalytic materials for

  1. Environmental technologies for the abatement of atmospheric pollutants, produced during utilization of fossil fuels;
  2. Catalytic processes for the valorization of waste feedstocks towards the production of biofuels or bio commodities under the principle of circular economy.

In this respect, research activities include design and synthesis of novel catalysts, characterization of their crucial physicochemical characteristics, applying conventional or advanced techniques and their evaluation in lab- or pilot-scale experimental units in order to investigate their catalytic performance and stability in relation with their most crucial properties.

Main scientific directions

The main scientific directions of NICE research group may summarize to the following areas:

  1. Environmental Technologies
    • Catalytic abatement of greenhouse gases (GHG) and other atmospheric pollutants (ΝΟx, SOx, Ν₂Ο, CO, CΟ₂, CH₄ etc.) from stationary and mobile sources (automotive, power plants, shipping, etc)
    • Addressing fossil fuels CO₂ emissions via Chemical Looping Processes.
  2. Catalytic processes for the valorization of alternative/waste feedstocks, i.e.
    • Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass for the production of biochar/active carbon used as soil amendment, adsorptive or energy storage (batteries) material
    • Catalytic synthesis of biolubricants from plant oils
  3. Development of new synthesis and characterization techniques:
    • Design and synthesis of novel multifunctional materials via e.g. incorporating mesoporosity in microporous catalysts (hierarchical zeolites) or configuring egg-shell structures
    • Developing or Exploring advanced characterization techniques (FTIR-pyridine, Raman, NAP-XPS)

Projects & Activities



/MIS 5030732/Τ1ΕΔΚ-02864 





Evaggelou Evgenia

Scientific Personnel
, Petroleum Technologist

Iliopoulou Eleni

Member of SC, Researcher
, Associate Researcher
, Chemical Engineer, PhD

Karakoulia Stamatia

Collaborating Researcher PhD
, Materials Engineer, PhD

Lemonidou Angeliki

Collaborating Faculty Member
, Professor
, AUTH, Chemical Engineering Dept.

Pachatouridou Eleni

Collaborating Researcher PhD
, Chemist, PhD


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