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ISFTA sector used to be the main Greek entity for the promotion of research and technological development, aiming at the improved and integrated exploitation of solid fuels. Following the national strategy for delignification in Greece and the recent technological advancements in Energy and the Environment, ISFTA sector has broadened its field of research. It indicatively includes: the utilization of green alternative fuels – mainly biofuels, the development of environmental technologies for the reduction of CO2 emissions in industry, the optimization of energy generation and industrial processes, energy saving and storage, circular economy, industrial symbiosis and the development of smart networks in autonomous energy systems, as depicted bellow:

Our vision

Ptolemais branch

building surface in an area of ​​2,5 acres

4th km. Ptolemais-Mpodosakeiou Hospital 502 00  Ptolemais

Athens branch

870 m2   52, Egialeias str., Maroussi 151 25

ISFTA performs research in the development and promotion of technologies regarding Energy, the Environment and Smart Systems.



  • New innovative technologies for energy production and storage with low or near-zero environmental footprint
  • Environmental technologies for emissions abatement, rehabilitation of contaminated soils and optimal waste recovery/reuse in accordance with the principles of Circular Economy
  • Physicochemical analyses at laboratory level through specialized equipment, energy efficiency measurements and on-site monitoring of pollutants
  • Modeling and optimization of advanced energy systems and networks for electricity & cooling / heating production
  • Smart cities and neighborhood networks with a positive energy balance and a low environmental footprint
  • Development of circular economy applications including life cycle assessment (LCA), life cycle cost (LCC) and social life cycle acceptance (sLCA)
  • Identification and utilization of critical mineral raw materials
  • Partnerships with public and private stakeholders in order to develop research and innovation projects related to smart energy, circular economy, conservation of natural ecosystems, bio-economy with emphasis on areas of transition to new energy and productive models



Scientific Responsible in CPERI's branches (Athens &. Ptolemaida)

Dr. P. Grammelis, Director of Research


Giannakopoulos Dionysis
Principal Researcher, Dr. Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069503
Koukouzas Nikolaos
Research Director, Dr. Geologist
(+30) 211 1069502
Nikolopoulos Nikolaos
Principal Researcher, Dr. Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069506
Panopoulos Kyriakos
Principal Researcher, Dr. Chemical Engineer
(+30) 210 6899689, (+30) 2310 498332
Rakopoulos Dimitrios
Associate Researcher, Dr. Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 210 6899689

Collaborating Faculty Members

Zevgolis Ioannis
Miner Engineer, PhD
(+30) 211 1069544
Kakaras Emmanouil
Professor, Mechanical Engineer Dept., NTUA
(+30) 211 1069500
Koutsovitis Petros
Geologist, PhD
(+30) 211 1069544

Scientific Personnel

Almpanis Petros
Civil Engineer
(+30) 2463 055300
Antonopoulou Christina
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069519
Amarantos Panagiotis
Chemical Engineer
(+30) 24630 55300
Apostolopoulos Vasilis
Civil Engineer
(+30) 211 1069538
Badouna Ioanna
Geologist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069544
Bakoyianni Eleftheria
(+30) 24630 55300
Boukis Filippos
Miner Engineer
Dallas Petros
Mechanical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Bebis Thomas
Christidou Maria
Mechanical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Evangelopoulou Alexandra
Chemist, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Fakis Dimitrios
Electrical Engineer
(+30) 2111 069513
Fostiropoulos Stavros Rafail
(+30) 2111069512
Fotiadis Stefanos
Economist, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Fotopoulou Maria
Electrical Engineer
(+30) 210 6899689
Galanou Aikaterini
Miner Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069500
Garidi Aggeliki
Miner Engineer, MSc.
(+30) 211 1069544
Gemeni Vasiliki
Geologist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069521
Giannotas Giwrgos
(+30) 24630 55300
Kanellis Georgios
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069546
Kakanis Ilias
Production and Management Engineer
(+30) 2310 464162
Kapousidis Panagiotis
Technologist Mechanical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Karametou Rania
Environmental Enginner, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Kanellia Zafeiria
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 24630 55300
Karapanos Dimitrios
Geologist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069540
Ketikidis Chrysovalantis
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Kilis Vasileios
Mechanical Engineer
Konstantinidis Konstantinos
Chemical Engineer, MSc
Kontodimos Ioannis
(+30) 24630 55300
Makris Dimitrios
Environmental & Natural Resources Engineer
Mamounakis Ioannis
Computer Scientist
(+30) 211 1069538
Makri Christina
(+30) 24630 55300
Manoukian Eleonora
Geologist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069544
Maragkoudaki Lyda
Chemical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069543
Michopoulos Apostolos
Chemist, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Martinopoulos Georgios
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 2310 464162
Mikroutsikos Antonios
Civil Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069528
Maropoulos Andreas
Mechanical Engineer
Moumouris Sotirios
Agronomist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069505
Moraitis Athanasios
(+30) 24630 55300
Louka Christina
(+30) 211 1069597
Lympeti Aimilia
Miner Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069523
Papadelis Christos
Agronomist, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Papanikolaou Dimitra
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Peloriadi Konstantina
Chemical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069542
Petridis Stefanos
Electrical Engineer
(+30) 210 6899689
Papastergiou Alexia
Chemical Engineer
(+30) 24630 55300
Mylona Evangelia
Energy Resources Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Sagani Aggeliki
Mechanical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069533
Seitaridis Andreas
Computer Scientist
(+30) 2310 464162
Stogiannis Prokopis
Chemical Engineer / Oil Engineer
(+30) 210 6899689
Stamatopoulos Panagiotis
Mathematician, MSc
(+30) 211 1069537
Stefanitsis Dionysios
Mechanical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Tiptiris Ioannis
Civil Engineer, MSc
(+30) 210 6899689
Tagkoulis Nikolaos
Electrical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069524
Tsekoura Panagiota - Elpida
(+30) 2111069540
Tzelepi Vasiliki
Chemical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069512
Zestanakis Panagiotis
Electrical Engineer
Zamanidou Afroditi
Civil Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069529
Zioga Aliki
(+30) 211 1069526
Zisopoulos Georgios
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069526
Papalexis Christos
Mechanical Engineer
Zygouri Evangelia
Karampetsou Eleftheria
(+30) 2111069528
Ghika Constantina
Christopoulou Marina
Giamas Vassilios
Asimakopoulou Stamatina
(+30) 2111069522
Vamvaka Agnes
Mpatsi Anna
Sofras Ioannis
Miner Engineer
Karali Demetra
Environmental Engineer
Logothetis Ioannis

PhD Candidates

Gavidou Vasiliki
(+30) 211 1069514
Deliveris Alexandros
Miner Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069523
Detsios Nikolaos
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069516
Drosatos Panagiotis
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069510
Zeneli Myrtw
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069507
Iliadis Petros
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 210 6899689
Karampinis Manolis
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069518
Karkalis Christos
Geologist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069522
Karlopoulos Evangelos
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 24630 55300
Kougioumtzis Mixalis - Alexandros
Mechanical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069534
Kourkoumpas Dimitrios
Mechanical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069507
Krassakis Pavlos
Geologist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069539
Maraslidis Georgios
Electrical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 211 1069544
Pyrgaki Konstantina
Geologist, MSc
(+30) 211 1069531

Collaborating Researchers / PhD

Aggelakoglou Komninos
Production and Management Engineer, PhD
(+30) 2310 464162
Atsonios Konstantinos
Mechanical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 211 1069508
Giourka Paraskeui
Civil Engineer, PhD
(+30) 24630 55300
Zarogiannis Theodoros
Mechanical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 211 1069507
Itskos Grigorios
Chemist, PhD
(+30) 211 1069502
Kartalidis Avraam
Mechanical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 211 1069546
Kourtzanidis Konstantinos
Mechanical, Aerospace and Plasma Engineer, MSc, PhD
(+30) 2310464162
Logothetis Ioannis
Physist, PhD
Lorentzou Souzana
Chemical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 24630 55300
Margaritis Nikos
Mechanical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 24630 55300
Mpoutikos Panagiotis
Chemical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 211 1069541
Mavromatidis Fotis
Economist, PhD
(+30) 2310 498134
Mitsotakis Adamis
Political Scientist, PhD
(+30) 211 1069535
Petrounias Petros
Geologist, PhD
(+30) 211 1069544
Sougkakis Vasileios
Environmental Engineer, PhD
(+30) 24630 54679
Theocharis Alexandros
Civil Engineer, PhD
(+30) 211 1069565
Tsalkatidou Marina
Chemical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 24630 54679
Tyrologou Pavlos
Geologist, PhD
(+30) 211 1069525

Administrative Staff

Anagnostopoulou Elisavet
Business Administration
(+30) 211 1069545
Karaiskou Ioanna
Business Administration
(+30) 211 1069549
Karella Maria
(+30) 211 1069500
Koutsianou Sofia
Accountant Assistant
(+30) 24630 55300
Kotidis Christos
(+30) 24630 55300
Pitsiava Chrysa
(+30) 24630 55300
Tentokali Zoi
Electrical Engineer
(+30) 211 1069524


Pilot units

• Continuous operation bioreactors for biogas production from agro-livestock waste

Continuous and Full Mixing Reactor (CSTR) for Anaerobic and Aerobic Digestion (30 lt & 5lt) with the following modifications if needed:

  • Fixed Bed Reactor (PBR)
  • Sludge Upward Flow Reactor (UASB)

Each reactor consists of a cylindrical stainless steel container, with an outer casing for heating and cooling. It has a stirrer, gas and liquid sampling points, as well as meters of operating parameters.

Analytical equipment

The Laboratory in Ptolemaida supports the Institute's research work by performing and evaluating analyses tests on solid fuel samples including biomass and solid recovered fuels (SRF). Having as a target the improvement of its services, from the end of 2013, the laboratory applies a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025 (Certificate No. ESYD 894). In addition, the operation of the Standard Chemical Laboratory of Northern Greece of PPC SA is supported.

Below, an Indicative list of laboratory instruments is given:

• Mercury analyzer

This instrument is an atomic absorption spectrometer with a mercury lamp, suitable for the analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous samples. It does not require special sample pretreatment and the analysis is completed in a short time (<10 min) and with high accuracy. The required operating range is about 30 ppt to 10 ppm.

Equipment for site measurements

• UAV - Drones with adapted metering equipment and high resolution camera

Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) - Drone UAV with adapted metering equipment suitable for the characterization of ambient air quality.

Current Research Projects

European Union
Accelerating CCS technologies as a new low-carbon energy vector – (ACT) 2016-2021
Ni-based alloys for Operation of 725 °C Power Plants (NIBALO725) 2016-2021
SMart IsLand Energy systems (SMILE) 2017-2021
Integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized
Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization Storage Technologies (inteGRIDy)
Low-cost, carbon positive bioethanol production with innovative Green Floating Filters in multiple water bodies (LIFE BIOMASS C+) 2017-2021
(SEADRION) - Fostering diffusion of Heating & Cooling technologies using the seawater pump in the Adriatic-Ionian Region 2018-2021
Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge II - (BRISK II) 2017-2022
PLUG-N-play passive and active multi-modal energy HARVESTing systems, circular economy by design, with high replicability for Self-sufficient Districts Near-Zero Buildings (PLUG-N-HARVEST) 2017-2021
Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities (IRIS) 2017-2022
“Boosting the financing of innovation for green growth sectors through innovative clusters services in the MED area” - (finMED) 2018-2022
Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gas and waste use (Bamboo) 2018-2021
(BIOFIT) - Bioenergy retrofits for Europe’s industry 2018-2021
(AgroBioHeat) - Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas 2019-2021
(LIG2LIQ) Cost Effective Conversion of Lignite and Waste to Liquid Fuels 2018-2021
Chemical Looping gAsification foR sustainAble production of biofuels (CLARA) 2018-2022
Strategic Planning of regions and territories in Europe for low-carbon energy and industry through ( CCUS-STRATEGY CCUS ) 2019-2022
(INSULAE) - Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands 2019-2023
(RENAISSANCE) - RENewAble Integration and SuStainAbility iN energy CommunitiEs 2019-2022
New Energy Solutions Optimized for Islands - (NESOI) 2019-2023
Risk Assessment of Final Pits During Flooding - (RAFF) 2019-2021
Sustainable Use of Mining Waste Dumps - (SUMAD) 2019-2021
The impact of EXtreme weather events on MINing operations - (TEXMIN) 2019-2022
 Coal-to-liquids supply chain integration in view of operational, economic and environmental risk assessments under unfavourable geological settings (ODYSSEUS) 2019-2022
Development of a new burner concept: Industry 4.0 technologies applied to the best available combustion system for the Steel Industry - (BURNER 4.0) 2019-2022
Interoperable tools for an efficient management and effective planning of the electricity grid (INTERPRETER) 2019-2023
MINImal Size Thermal and Electrical Energy STORage System for In-Situ Residential Installation - (MINISTOR) 2019-2023
(MUSIC) Market Uptake Support for Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers 2019-2023
A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework - (POCITYF) 2019-2024
FLExibilize combined cycle power plant through power-to-X solutions using non-CONventional FUels (FLEXnCONFU) 2020-2024
BIOfuels production from Syngas FERmentation for Aviation and maritime use - (BioSFerA) 2020-2024
An augmented intelligence-enabled stimulating framework for deep energy renovation delivering occupant-centered innovations - (RINNO) 2020-2024
Europe’s single biggest citizen-driven initiative to plant and monitor 500 million trees to mitigate climate change-(LIFE TERRA) 2020-2025
Re-purposing Coal Power Plants during Energy Transition (RECPP) 2020-2022
100% Renewable Energies for Energy Intensive Industries- (RE4Industry) 2020-2023
BECoop: Unlocking the community energy potential to support the market uptake of bioenergy heating technologies 2020-2023
integRatEd Solutions for POsitive eNergy and reSilient CitiEs (RESPONSE) 2020-2025
SOLAR based sCO2 Operating Low-cost plants (SOLARSCO2OL) 2020-2024
ECO-innovative Energy FACTory Management System based on enhanced LCA and LCCA towards resource-efficient manufacturing (ECOFACT) 2020-2024
IntegrAted SolutioNs for the DecarbOnization and Smartification of Islands (IANOS) 2020-2024
Towards Intelligent DC-based hybrid Grids Optimizing the network performance (TIGON) 2020-2024
Architecture for Unified Regional and Open digital ecosystems for Smart Communities and wider Rural Areas Large scale application (AURORAL) 2020-2024
CarbOn Neutral cluSters through Electricity-based iNnovations in Capture, Utilisation and Storage (ConsenCUS) 2020-2025
Supercritical CO2 power cycles demonstration in Operational environment Locally valorising industrial Waste Heat (CO2OLHEAT) 2021-2025
Production of modified asphalt and increase in recycling rate of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) by using End of Life Tyres (ELT)RAP-ELT RETIRE 2018-2021
Production of modified asphalt and increase in recycling rate of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) by using End of Life Tyres (ELT) RAP-ELT ECOELASTIKA 2018-2021
DeCarb IΙ
Provision of Technical Advisory Services to the ROP of Western Macedonia
Provision of Scientific Support Services for the Employee Training and Certification on COLD SUPPLY CHAINS »- ASSOCIATION OF COLD STORAGE COMPANIES 2018 2018-2021
Provision of technical consulting services to the Regional Association of Municipalities of Western Macedonia -DeCarb 2018-2021
ENerG Secretariat 2019-2022
Evaluation of alternative scenarios for responding to immediate and medium-term needs for Ptolemais district heating and identifying optimal solutions 2019-2021
Laboratory analyzes of samples of biomass based on international or European standards adopted by ELOT (Hellenic Organization for Standardization S.A.) for solid biofuels-BioKAPE 2019-2021
Study of the chemical composition of mechanical recycling products - Laboratory Analyses and Results Evaluation 2019-2021
Optimization of the flow within EPALME aluminium billet homogenizing furnace 2020-2021
Providing Consulting Services for the autonomous operation of Megalopolis district heating using alternative fuel to meet the thermal needs of the city 2020-2021
Study for the elaboration of a Roadmap for the Certification and physical inspection for the Verification of the propulsion engine power of fishing vessels, pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009 and Implementing Regulation (EU) No 404/2011 2020-2021
Chemical analyses of fossil fuels and mineral materials at the Model Chemical Laboratory of Nothern Greece according to  EN ISo 17025 procedures - Power Plant Kardias 2020-2021
Preparation of Technical Specifications for the tender notice regarding the choice of contractor of the Energy System in the boiler room of the District heating of Megalopolis 2020-2021
Development of a standardized methodology concerning the ELVs treatment, including the stages of the receiving-decontamination of the ELVs, the shredding process for the recovery of metals and the fluff treatment for the production of an alternative fuel 2020-2022
National Projects
Predictive Hybrid Autonomous Energy TOrrent Networking Solution-(PhaetonS) 2018-2021
Enforcement of CERTH/CPERI's infrastructure 2018-2021

Bioproduction System for Circular Precision Farming -(BIOCIRCULAR)

Advanced Indirectly Heated Carbonate Looping Process (ANICA) 2019-2022

Accelerating Carbon Capture using Oxyfuel Technology in Cement Production (AC2OCem)

Innovative protective coatings for energy and resource efficiency applications in power plants (CREATION) 2019-2022

New Technologies and Innovative Approaches in Relation to Agri-Food and Tourism to Enhance Regional Excellence in Western Macedonia / (AGROTOUR)

Development of new innovative energy technologies of low carbon footprint for the enhancement of excellence in the Region of Western Macedonia (EXCEL‐W‐Mac) 2020-2023

(ELECTRON)- Laboratory of excellence for monitoring the environmental impact of transport and the promotion of ELECTROMOTION in Island areas



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