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The Laboratory of Inorganic Materials (LIM) of the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI) has been established in the middle of 2001.
LIM is located at the A! Sector of the buildings of the Technological Park of Thessaloniki and its facilities occupy a total area of about 250 square meters.
The short history of the laboratory is being compensated by the large scientific experience of its researchers in topics of applied scientific research towards the development of technological innovations, very often, with economic success.
As indicated in the first page LIM positions itself at the interface between materials science, synthesis process engineering and application design aiming towards an integrated and multidisciplinary approach which is believed to be the most promising way to innovative industrial developments.
LIM is focusing its research and development activities mainly on ceramic materials and in the areas of:
  • functional ceramics (electronic and telecommunication ceramic materials, catalysts)
  • structural ceramics (defined micro- and nano-porous structures such as inorganic membranes)

Besides the synthesis and experiment oriented activities LIM considers important for it’s capabilities and is developing ‘horizontal’ activity concerning theoretical simulations of amorphous or polycrystalline microstructures aiming towards a better understanding of the various physicochemical (transport) processes taking place inside the microstructure and an a-priori behavior prediction.


The Institute’s Laboratory of Inorganic Materials has successfully completed the technology transfer and industrialization activities of research results concerning the development materials for electromagnetic energy adsorption. Though the new laboratory’s spin-off Fields the following tile series are today available building materials for electromagnetic protection.

FerroxTile L

FerroxTile L

for adsorption from low frequency sources usually present in the electricity transmission and distribution network (i.e. high voltage transmission lines, power stations etc.)

FerroxTile H

FerroxTile H

for adsorption from high frequency sources usually present in the mobile telecommunication network.

FerroxTile G

FerroxTile G

for specialty applications at extremely high frequencies up to 90 GHz. -In addition Fields offers an electromagnetic measurement service for electric and magnetic field intensity evaluations upon request at indicated places.

Areas of Research & Development

The research infrastructure of the laboratory in it’s two basic research directions is such that allows the independent conduction of applied scientific research not only in material synthesis and characterization but also in application testing of prototype devices made by the materials under investigation.

Besides classical instrumentation and glassware for membrane synthesis the laboratory possesses controlled climate chambers for the reproducible synthesis of the sensitive nanoporous or microporous structures, a complete gas separation unit with gas chromatography as well as two pilot-scale units for liquid treatment membrane experiments.

Climate chambers

Climate chambers

Automatized gas separation unit with GC

Automatized gas separation unit with GC

Liquid treatment pilot-scale unit

Liquid treatment pilot-scale unit

Large surface tubular membrane samples

Large surface tubular membrane samples

Liquid treatment pilot-scale unit as examples for the membrane research infrastructure.

Liquid treatment pilot-scale unit as examples for the membrane research infrastructure.

A so-called “powder technology lab” in the laboratory provides all necessary processing equipment (mixing, firing, milling, granulating) for the synthesis of polycrystalline electronic ceramics. Perhaps the most sophisticated equipment is the computer controllable furnaces able to fire under programmable partial pressures of oxygen for the manufacturing of tailor made defect structures on oxygen vacancies. For the electromagnetic evaluation of samples small prototype capacitive or inductive components are measured in a tailor made unit consisting of amplifiers, oscilloscope, LCR meter and frequency generator, as a function of temperature and alternating current frequency in a specially constructed temperature chamber.

The powder technology lab

The electromagnetic evaluation unit

An atmosphere controllable furnace

Laboratory’s own characterization equipment: dilatometer
Laboratory’s own characterization equipment: dilatometer
Rheological properties
Rheological properties
Optical microscope
Optical microscope
Experimental unit for testing catalytic activity in relation to the water decomposition reaction
Experimental unit for testing catalytic activity in relation to the water decomposition reaction
Helium density determination
Helium density determination
Powder morphological properties
Powder morphological properties

For the catalytic testing of oxygen deficient materials in the water decomposition reaction an experimental unit equipped with a mass spectrometer is available.

The laboratory possesses its own instrumentation for several general materials characterization techniques such as dilatometry, theoretical density, optical microscopy, rheological properties etc. However it has direct access to all horizontal institute’s instrumentation that is located to the laboratory of analysis and characterization of solids which is also at the same location. Those include almost all conventional techniques such as chemical analysis (e.g. ICP), thermal analysis (e.g. TGA/DSC) or structural analysis techniques (XRD), particle size analysis, nitrogen porosimetry and some quite advanced techniques such as scanning or high resolution transmission electron microscopy, both equipped with energy dispersive analysis of X-rays for local chemical analysis purposes.




Kaldis Sotirios
Associate Scientist, Chemical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 2310 498254

Collaborating Faculty Members

Kikkinides Efstathios
Professor, Chemical Engineering Dept., AUTH
(+30) 2310 498116
Zaspalis Vassilios
Professor, Chemical Engineering Dept., AUTH
(+30) 2310 498115

Scientific Personnel

Anagnostakis Nikos
Chamical Engineer
Evdou Antigoni
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 2310 498145
Kogias George
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 2310 498114
Matsouka Charitini
Chemical Engineer, MSc
(+30) 2310 498250
Papaioannou Savina-Maria
Chamical Engineer
(+30) 2310 498419
Papaspyropoulou Maria
Chamical Engineer

PhD Candidates

Grekou Triantafyllia
Chemical Engineer
(+30) 2310 498254

Collaborating Researchers / PhD

Kastrinaki Georgia
Physicist, MSc, PhD
(+30) 2310 498419
Tsakaloudi Vassiliki
Chemist, PhD
(+30) 2310 498109, (+30) 2310 498116

Administrative And Technical Staff

Haidou Konstantina
Chemical Engineer, PhD
(+30) 2310 498288


Το εργαστήριο για την επιτυχή διεκπεραίωση των ερευνητικών του υποχρεώσεων διαθέτει πλούσιο εξοπλισμό που το καθιστά σαν ένα από τα πιο εξοπλισμένα εργαστήρια ανόργανων υλικών στον Ελλαδικό χώρο. Το εργαστήριο διαθέτει:

Εξοπλισμό τεχνολογίας κατεργασίας κόνεως

Among the available equipment are included:

  • Rotary blade dry mixing machines
  • Powder ball milling equipment at variable milling intensities
  • Air or infrared drying devices for the drying of powder suspensions
  • Powder de-aggregating and crashing devices
  • Roll granulation devices for the manufacturing of granulated powders with good rheological properties (i.e. good press matrix filling properties)
  • Pelletising machines for the manufacturing of relatively dense pellets (flakes) from powder mixtures.
  • Sieving set for morphological classification of pellets or granules.
  • Compaction equipment at pressures up to 1000 kg/cm 2 for the manufacturing of various simple geometry samples (i.e. cylindrical, rectangular or toroidal shapes).
  • Prefiring furnaces for prefiring of solid mixtures up to 1100o C under ambient or nitrogen atmospheres.

Fully computerized and programmable sintering furnaces at temperatures up to 1400o C able to execute firings under programmable conditions of temperature and partial pressure of oxygen.

Current Research Projects

TitleBudget (€)Duration
Methods for in-situ ncharacterizationanopore  163,000 2004-2008
Hydrogen Production Technologies 65,000 2003-2006
Development of Catalysts for Solar Water Dissociat. 240,000 2002-2005
Development of Simulation Models 151,250 2002-2005
Development of Ceramic Membranes 180,000   2001-2004
Ενίσχυση Εργαστηρίου Ανόργανων Υλικών  500,000 2003-2006 
Development of new high frequency magnetic materials  400,000 2005-2007
Development of telecom magnetic materials 400,000 2003-2006
Development of new magnetic materials 500,000 2001-2003





The laboratory in principle provides all it’s equipment and instrumentation for measurement services to the national or international industry. However the majority of services provided by the laboratory do not concern the execution of certain types of measurements to specified samples. Instead the laboratory is confronted by external customers with questions the answering of which requires to a certain extend the execution of research. In that sense the laboratory executes service in the form of research. Below a list of services provided by the laboratory to external customers.

HispanoFerritas-Spain Product failure causes identification
Ferroxcube-the Netherlands Benchmarking and competitor material analysis and evaluation
FerPol-Poland Method development for unit operation and process control
Filippoloulos-Greece Evaluation of membrane processes for BOD reduction in olive oil refineries below the specified limit for biological treatment acceptance
Municipality of N.Efkarpia-Greece Evaluation of atmospheric pollution around the community
Siemens-Greece Accelerated life time test methods in telecom modules
Core Consulting-Germany Evaluation of nanoparticles prepared by different methods
Thyssen Krupp Stahl-Germany Evaluation of membrane process for upgrading liquid waste streams
Institute of Materials, Demokritus-Greece Preparation of spinel ferrite targets for gas phase deposition
Universiy of Ioannina-Greece Testing of the catalytic activity of various perovskite materials


LIM offers services and collaborates with several academic institutions or industrial enterprises such as:

  • University of Delft – The Netherlands
  • University of Krakow – Poland
  • University of Montpellier – France
  • Demokritos – Greece
  • Hispanoferritas – Spain
  • Ferroxcube – The Netherlands
  • Pro Core Management – Germany\
  • Thyssen Krupp Stahl – Germany
  • Filippopoulos – Greece
  • Repsol – Spain
  • DLR – Germany
  • TNO


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