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Training Event on Public Procurement of Innovation (Prominent Plus).

training event



Training Event

"How to procure innovation"

Practical Pathways to Innovation Procurement Projects



Purpose of the training event

The training event will provide explanation of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), the benefits it brings, implementation rules and steps as well as lessons learned from the Prominent MED project and beyond. Therefore, this event is not only a theoretical description of guidelines but also a practical set of tips which may be useful for future followers.

Target groups and reasons for participation

PUBLIC PROCURERS such as agents at all three levels of the public sector: national, regional and local including ministerial departments, public business entities, public agencies, city councils, etc., with experience in Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), open PPI processes or interest in improving public services through PPI in strategic areas. Other public entities with no experience in PPI, but which depending on their competences and strategic areas are likely to become public procurers of innovation.

PROVIDERS OF TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS such as private companies with the capacity to develop innovative (TRL4 to TRL9) products and solutions including large companies, SMEs, Start-ups and new technology based companies who are seeking information about new business possibilities.

The training event includes 3 sessions held by four specialized trainers who will provide expert advice in innovation procurement.

Below you can find the presentations of the event:
 Lecture 1  

Gaynor Whyles, JERA Consulting Ltd, UK,

Practical insights into innovation procurement – what, why, and how

 Lecture 2

Olatz Nicolas and Olga Macias Juez, Tecnalia, ES,

Hands-on experience on PPI in the field of energy efficiency

 Lecture 3

Eleni Lianou, GR,

Strategic Procurement for Innovation” 

Lecture  4

Implementation support insights, Carlos García Delgado, CTA, ES,

Innovation procurement brokerage service: scope, goals and benefits. The P5 Innobroker project” 





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