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The Institute’s research achievements have had significant impact within the field of chemical engineering and there is plenty of evidence that the S&T results of CPERI are being successfully transferred to the marketplace. In addition to basic and applied research, CPERI pursues actively technology transfer and the development of new commercial products and services.

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These achievements have been recognized by the international industrial community and have resulted in the award of several industrial research and technical service contracts. Furthermore, they provide much needed guidance to align CPERI’s research activities towards the satisfaction of current technological needs. The success of CPERI in offering industrial research services is a reflection of the quality and innovative character of its research and technological developments.
In addition to the above research achievements, CPERI counts among its achievements the:
  • Establishment of the Thessaloniki Technology Park (TTP)
  • Development of unique laboratory and experimental facilities
  • Establishment of the Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH)
  • Offering of a creative work environment to young talented researchers and engineers
  • Establishment of long term research framework agreements with leading international corporations
  • Establishment of a rapidly growing spin-off company in the petrochemical catalyst services area (CPERI Solutions) and incubation of 2 soon to be launched additional companies in advanced simulation software (Polymers) and magnetic shielding technology (Fields).
  • Establishment of worldwide reputation for CPERI researchers, many of who enjoy frequent invitations to present plenary/keynote and other invited lectures at international conferences.
According to the results of the latest assessment commissioned by GSRT to an independent international expert committee (2005) CPERI received the first position among the 52 Research Institutes of the GSRT that were evaluated. During an earlier similar evaluation (2000) CPERI was ranked as a center of excellence on international scale.
CPERI’s researchers enjoy significant recognition and have been awarded several prestigious international prizes for their research achievements…
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CPERI must maintain its leading role as a center of excellence within the European Research Area (ERA). Thus, its future plans are directed towards the development of innovative technologies and products. A strong emphasis is placed on research and technological priorities consistent with the objectives of future European Framework Programs and emerging areas of future industrial and market activity. In this respect one can envision the development in the next years of an evolutionary path from the already secure and established areas of activity in the Institute towards emerging areas within reach of CPERI’s researchers such as Green Mobility, Green Chemistry and Biochemistry, Energy Security, Food and Health. Our efforts will then focus on establishing conditions that will foster the creation of several sustainable choices for the future activities of the Institute.

This vision for CPERI’s future will turn into reality by the following set of lines of action:

  • Sustaining and expanding scientific and technological excellence in existing areas with significant increase of scientific and technological results.
  • Expansion of research activities in new areas targeting scientifically and technologically ambitious results. Full exploitation of European Commission’s Framework Programs opportunities and CPERI’s existing network of industrial collaborations.
  • Intensification of collaboration with the other Institutes in CERTH as well as with local University departments on the basis of strategic framework agreements.
  • Continued acquisition of new skills and experiences through education and training of personnel following closely current and future trends in the niche areas of CPERI’s activities.
  • Management and Exploitation of CPERI’s successes with the objective to motivate and inform the Greek society on the value and importance of doing research as a means of development.
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Upgrading and extending of the infrastructure of the Institute is a prerequisite in order to exploit and further valorize the excellent research achievements of its researchers. In close collaboration with sister Institutes in CERTH (Hellenic Institute of Transport and Institute of Solid Fuel Technology), CPERI pursues the creation of a new infrastructure (the so-called “Energy Corridor for Green Technologies”) that will house all of the rapidly evolving research activities in the area of Energy such as Solar Fuels and related thermochemical technologies as well as their applications in sustainable engine and vehicle/transportation technologies.

Specific activities

Future research activities of CPERI will be directed towards a number of existing and emerging areas such as:

  • Technologies for the production of clean fuels and bio-fuels
  • Hydrogen production from fossil and bio-based sources & fuel cells applications
  • Development of advanced membrane separation processes
  • Emission control technologies for mobile and stationary sources 4-way converters (CO, HC, NOx and particulate) for future combustion engines
  • Development of new catalytic materials
  • Novel sustainable processes
  • Novel clean technologies
  • Knowledge-based production
  • Development of advanced CFD and simulation tools to tackle industrial process and environmental problems
  • Development of technology for producing inorganic high temperature proton conducting (HTPC) fuel cells which can be produced on a relatively large scale
  • Structure-property relationships of advanced functional materials
  • Development of functional nanostructures (e.g., self-assembly systems, liposomes, biomaterials, nanogels, molecularly imprinted polymers) for novel nanotechnology applications (e.g., targeted delivery systems, gene therapy, selective recognition, separation, composite electrocoatings, etc.)
  • Development of molecularly imprinted polymeric nanoparticles (MIPs) for selective recognition and separation of biological materials (e.g., aminoacids, peptides)
  • Sensor and measurement technologies
  • Computer simulation of aerosol & particulate processes
  • Tailored nanoparticle synthesis
  • Ceramic membranes / Hydrogen
  • Magnetic / dielectric materials / radiated electromagnetic energy suppression
  • Inorganic materials for medical applications

In order to unlock further CPERI’s potential a number of support actions are pursued, exploiting the opportunities offered by European Commission initiatives such as the CAPACITIES program. CPERI has already submitted a comprehensive application to the CAPACITIES program to secure funding for :

  • Continuing education of the researchers and technical staff of CPERI through interaction with distinguished scientists and engineers of highly advanced academic and industrial research organizations (hereafter referred to as seconding organizations)
  • Establishment of short and long term visits of CPERI people to advanced academic and industrial research organizations
  • Hiring of new talented researchers according to the present needs and capabilities of the laboratories
  • Institution of awards of excellence for outstanding achievements of CPERI people

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