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SAE Award

SAEDr. Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos, Head of APTL, is named SAE Fellow

Thermi, Greece (February 28, 2005) - The Aerosol and Particle Technology (APT) Laboratory of CERTH/CPERI is pleased to announce that its head and founder, Dr. Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos has been elected to the prestigious status of "SAE Fellow" by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International). Dr. Konstandopoulos is recognized for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of Diesel particulate filters.

"As one of the few youngest members to be elected as an SAE Fellow" Konstandopoulos said, "I receive this important award with a high sense of responsibility and determination to continue with higher intensity my work in the field. I am very pleased and I would like to gratefully share this honor with all my colleagues at the APT Lab. Together we have endured against all odds and demonstrated that it is possible to kiss the sky! I am also grateful to all our industrial partners, to the European Commission and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology for supporting our research in the last 10 years".





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