AQUACYCLE project “Towards Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater in the Mediterranean Region”

CERTH is the Lead Beneficiary of AQUACYCLE, represented by two Institutes, the Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI) and Information Technologies Institute (ITI). The Kick-off Meeting was organized by the Natural Resources and Renewable Energies Laboratory (NRRE) of CPERI and was attended by partners’ representatives, including Prof. A. J. Karabelas (Project Coordinator, NRRE/CPERI), Dr. K. V. Plakas (Project Manager, NRRE/CPERI), Dr. Ioannis Manakos (ITI) and other CERTH collaborators.

AQUACYCLE, through systematic interaction of stakeholders in the Mediterranean countries involved, aims to promote sustainable eco-innovative technologies, comprising anaerobic digestion, constructed wetlands and solar treatment, for the cost-effective treatment of urban wastewater and appropriate reuse. The novel technologies will be properly adapted and demonstrated in 3 pilot sites in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.

The AQUACYCLE project is funded and supported by the European Union through the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. For more information, please visit and

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