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Costas Kiparissides is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Director of the LPRE at CPERI. He received his Diploma in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens in 1971. In 1978 he obtained his doctoral degree from McMaster University in Canada. He taught at the Universities of Alberta and Queen's in Canada as Associate Professor for about five years. His primary interests are in the areas of process modeling, polymer reaction engineering, process control, CAD/CAO/CAC, polymer particle technology and encapsulation technologies. His background includes extensive theoretical and experimental work in modeling and control of polymerization reactors. He has published over one hundred articles in scientific journals, conferences and books and given over fifty invited presentations. He is member of several scientific organizations and has participated in several National & EU research committees and programmes.

Presently the Laboratory employs:

Five doctoral research associates:

Achilleos E., Alexopoulos A., Kammona O., Pladis P., and Seferlis P.

Thirteen PhD candidates:

Chatzidoukas C., Dimos V., Dini E., Fratzikinakis C., Giagopoulos A., Giannoulakis H., Kehagia Z., Keramopoulos A., Kotoulas C., Lazaridis N., Parouti S., Roussos A., Stavropoulos, J. and Tzika M.

Seven research associates:

Alexandridou S., Baltsas A., Boultouka T., Delichristos C., Mouratidis D., Papadopoulos E., and Vassiliadou M.

Four technicians:

Daskalaki Z., Labropoulos F., Nasiopoulos V. and Platidou A.

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